Penis plastic surgery, penis enlargement surgery: prices, photos, reviews

Penis extender after enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement plastic surgery is one of the most popular surgery in all plastic surgery.

More and more men come to see plastic surgeons with only one request: "Doctor, I want the older one! "

We can say that the length of the penis is due to natural needs: because people are upright creatures. The position of the female pelvis is such that the vaginal opening is facing down and between the legs. The position of the uterus is deep enough, which will cause the length of the vagina to increase, which leads to the elongation of the penis.

By the way, in a male gorilla weighing 200 kg, the total length of the erect penis is only four centimeters.

But despite this, the size of the penis is still a very special concept for men. The length of the penis can change a person's behavior, increase or decrease his self-esteem and social status. Intimate plastic surgery can help a man in this matter.

Penis enlargement method:

  • surgical;
  • Manual (using special accessories to gradually stretch the penis);
  • Psychovision (using hypnotic techniques).

How is penile plastic surgery performed?

Penis enlargement surgery actually consists of two parts:

  • Thickening of the penis;
  • Length increases.

Plastic thickening of the penis

In order to increase the diameter, there is a special procedure, which is to wrap the penis with your own skin fragments and subcutaneous fat tissue. The skin used for surgery can be removed from the buttocks.

First, remove the "native" skin from the penis. Then, the penis is exposed and covered with the prepared living tissue fragments. Then the penis is wrapped in his own skin. If the blood vessels of the skin fragments grow together, then everything will be fine.

Sometimes, muscle flaps are transplanted together with a bundle of blood vessels, which are sutured to the vascular system of the penis.

Plastic enlargement of penis length

The doctor "pulls" the extra length of the penis from the pelvic area.

In fact, half of the total length of the corpus cavernosum of the male penis is hidden in the tissues of the small pelvis.

The surgeon pulled out a few inches of male flesh.

Penis plastic surgery is a rather complicated operation that can only be performed by well-trained experts. If a man has a distinctly small penis, that is, the length of the penis does not exceed three centimeters, a penis enlargement surgery should be performed (as the plastic surgeon thinks). In all other cases, the risk is considered unreasonable.

You should know that the small penis grows more than the "large" penis when awakened.

Frenulum phalloplasty

Penis growth after surgery

The frenulum is the junction between the foreskin and the head of the penis. If the reshaping of the frenulum is not completed in time, it may break during sexual intercourse.

Short frenulum is usually a common congenital pathology in men.

During sexual intercourse, the short lace is very stretched, causing severe pain. In this case, sexual intercourse is impossible.

Rupture of the frenulum causes heavy bleeding and it is difficult to stop the bleeding. As the wound heals, a rough scar will appear on the skin of the penis. Frequent pathological impulses from the scar area contribute to self-emission.

Plastic surgery for the short frenulum of the penis should be performed as soon as it is detected.

The duration of the operation is approximately 15 minutes.

The plastic surgery of the short frenulum of the penis is performed in an outpatient clinic under local anesthesia.

The length of hospital stay does not exceed two hours.

The postoperative wound healed completely within two weeks. During this period, it is necessary to refuse sexual intercourse.

Reviews on frenulum plastic surgery

  • The patient said: "Recently I decided to perform plastic surgery on the short laceration of the penis. The reins were cut off and sutured with cosmetic sutures. The head of the penis began to open better, and the penis itself became straight (it used to be a bit crooked. But before ejaculation, the penis was swollen. It’s so big that it’s a problem to open the head. I don’t want to have a circumcision. "
  • The doctor replied: "Young man! For your age, this is a completely ordinary problem that requires constant training to solve. After a long time, the skin will stretch and everything will be better. The main thing is to monitor the hygiene of the genitals. Everything is cautious. You can still perform surgery, but it is a rather long and laborious process. In addition, don’t forget that today’s doctors often treat their patients according to the size of his wallet. Your unsuccess is mainly related to your plastic surgeryThe operation is related to your doctor’s low quality. Good luck! Good health! "